Call to Action

Below, we have listed ways for you to help the hidden dreamers community. Every little bit will help us have our voices heard and our stories shared!

Call your Representatives

Below, we have written a template to call representatives and senators to help inform and support our fellow hidden dreamers to support comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship in the Budget Reconciliation Package. Please use the template to call your respective Senators and Representatives to shed light on our issue to provide a better future for us all!


Hello, my name is [your name] and I am your constituent from [city, state]. I am calling to ask Representative/Senator [name] to support comprehensive immigration reform and a pathway to citizenship in the Budget Reconciliation Package. Many immigrants who came to the United States as children have aged out of their visas and have no clear pathway to citizenship. There are approximately 200,000 children in this situation and they are set up to be deported at the age of 21. Please include Childhood visa arrival Dreamers and support immigration reform in the Budget Reconciliation Bill. Thank you for your time. 

Some tips when you are speaking to your Representatives: 

  • This template is helpful, but the more personal you are, the more impactful it is
  • Make sure you are a constituent of that representative and be sure to let them know
  • Be respectful. We want them to listen to our perspective and be considerate of our experiences and we should do the same.

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