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The Hidden Dream Board

The Hidden Dream was built to raise awareness of the countless struggles faced by visa immigrants, share resources, and create a community to uplift those affected by the broken U.S. immigration system.

Sumana Kaluvai – Lead Director

Sumana is a UCLA Bioengineering graduate and is currently working in the Bay Area as a Pharma/Biotech consultant. Sumana has participated in many immigrants rights initiatives through the UCLA Labor Center, Immigrants Rising and founded the SOIS.us campaign in response to the 2020 ICE rulings that jeopardized the visa security of international students. Sumana is a chai fanatic, SF park lover and dog mom to Poori, a  2 year old maltese rescue!

Sarvani Kunapareddy – Tech and Outreach Director

Sarvani is a senior in high school in Missouri. She spent her early childhood in India before moving to the USA as an H4 immigrant. She will be majoring in computer science at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is very passionate about advocating for various social justice issues. In her free time, Sarvani loves watching NBA games, telugu movies, and enjoys weightlifting!

Harishree Karthikeyasubburaj – Media Director

Harishree is a Neuroscience graduate student in Texas. She spent her early childhood in India and soon moved to the U.S. as a H4 immigrant. She is passionate about research, specifically in the fields of neuroscience and preventative medicine. She is an avid coffee lover and looks forward to one day being a cat mom.

Shiksha Sneha – Finance and Communications Director

Shiksha is a senior at Michigan State University studying Political Theory and Public Policy. She moved to the United States from India when she was 11 years old. She has been involved in multiple advocacy efforts working on immigrant, racial, and gender equity issues in Michigan.  In her free time, she loves binge watching any and all TV shows and cooking for her family and friends.

Hari Senthilkumar – Technology Director

Hari is a 3rd year Computer Science Major at UCLA. He has spent his early childhood in India & Singapore before moving to America as an H4 resident. He was an Unshackled Ventures Fellow this past year and is passionate about startups and building products. He is obsessed with the Lakers and loves to have thoughtful conversations.

Eigen Escario – Design Director

Eigen is a high-school senior in Alabama. He moved to the United States when he was 11 years old, but he is currently in the Philippines. He is not sure about his undergraduate plans, but he knows he wants to pursue law school down the road to advance immigration reform. Eigen emphasizes the importance of being introspective, compassionate, and aware—his key tenets in the pursuit of social justice. In his free time, he loves to write poetry and have meaningful conversations with friends!

Aarushi Sharma – Finance

Aarushi is a sophomore at San Jose State University pursuing Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. She was born in Germany, lived in India and when she was 11, her family settled down in the United States. Aarushi has always been passionate about social justice, volunteering and learning about new topics. In her free time, she likes to journal, weight lift and visit coffee shops.

Lakshmi Parvathinathan – Outreach

Lakshmi is a freshman at Drexel University studying Health Sciences. She has moved back and forth between India and the United States. She is very passionate about social activism and civic engagement, and enjoys reading about current events. Lakshmi loves to explore new places and spend time with her family and friends.

Damita Trehan – Design

Damita is highschool junior in Georgia. She moved to America from India when she was an infant. Still uncertain about what she wants to major in, but she knows she wants to go down the healthcare path. Damita has always loved helping out others and has always had a place for activism in her heart. Whenever she has time to relax she usually plays video games or reads books!

Jyotsna Tera – Finance

Jyotsna is a high school junior in Portland Oregon. She was born in India and moved to America at the age of 2. Jyotsna plans to major in biology and attend medical school. She is passionate about helping others, and volunteering. In her free time she likes to watch Bollywood and Tollywood movies, travel, and spend time with her friends.

Pranitha Konda – Media

Pranitha is a high school senior in Sacramento, California. She moved to the United States from India when she was 4. So far, Pranitha is planning to go into healthcare and is doing her prerequisites for a nursing program and her dream is to eventually go to medical school to become a Neurosurgeon. In her free time she enjoys going hiking, reading, getting involved in activism, and spending time with her younger siblings or friends.

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