“She was Different.” – Damita T.


who knew one word could radiate so much negativity

like being split between two worlds, never good enough for either

alienated by her food, her clothing, her language

they didn’t even let her be ‘normal’; they barely respected her

“status, status, status.”— the word mocked her everytime she heard it

she would never be like them

the anxiety was a monstrous shadow lurking around her room

she was trapped on a cliff inside her own brain

will she face the beast or jump?

tik tok, tik tok, tik tok— interrupts her state of horrors

opening her eyes up to a blinking 3:00 am, the cycle continued

the bags under her eyes grew like her fears

if she barely got enough sleep, how was she meant to dream the American Dream?

in reality she is the bridge between both countries she calls her home

despite living in terror of being snatched away from her childhood,

she smiles 

in the world that overlooked her determination, passion and strength

she shows them something her status does not determine: her success

this time you could hear her scream with pride, 

she was Different.

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