“I will accomplish my dreams regardless of my visa status. I just want to be seen as who I am: a girl with dreams.”- Prarthana

As a kid I never really worried about my visa. To be honest, I didn’t even know what it was. When my parents first told me “we are going to America with dad,” I was just excited to not go to school in India and get traumatized even more. Trust me, Indian schools are horrible. My parents moved back and forth many times. Every time we went back to India, we would have to go to the same office in Chennai and wait in a long line to answer the question on why we want to go back to America. As a kid, I just wanted to go home and eat maggie, but I could never figure out why we did all of this. It was because we were immigrants, and we needed an H4 visa to live here.

We immigrants move here to America to accomplish our dreams and to have that amazing life that we envisioned for all of us. To accomplish “The American Dream.” Every single time I tell people I am interested in something, I get bombarded with questions: “What is your back up?” “What if you don’t get in?” “Well you shouldn’t do it because that won’t get you a visa…” . I started to spiral; am I even worth it? Maybe this isn’t for me ? Every time I try to move closer to my goals and accomplish my dreams, I get blasted with these questions instead of encouragement. It makes me wonder what was the point of my family’s move if I can’t reach for my dreams?

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