Raising awareness for immigrants & the broken system

The Hidden Dream

200 Billion

Hard-earned dollars paid in taxes yearly

47 Million

Immigrants pushing onwards

18 Million

Immigrant Children pursuing an education

4 Million

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Collective American Dream

Our Mission.

The Hidden Dream was built to raise awareness of the countless struggles faced by visa immigrants, share resources, and create a community to uplift documented immigrants who have spent several years in this country without a pathway to citizenship.

Help us Improve The Dream for hundreds of thousands of immigrants

Please check out the initiative, Improve The Dream, to help bring awareness to the exclusion of Documented Dreamers from the DACA and Dreamers Act. Check out the website to see the details of how you can help by signing petitions and seeing all the ways that this immigrant population gets excluded in the current system and the benefits that they bring to the country.

About Us.

As a team of six Hidden Dreamers, who have gone through the immigration struggle, we created this organization to help others in the same situation.