Raising awareness for immigrants & the broken system

The Hidden Dream

200 Billion

Hard-earned dollars paid in taxes yearly

47 Million

Immigrants pushing onwards

18 Million

Immigrant Children pursuing an education

4 Million

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Collective American Dream

We have launched the Hidden Dream annual scholarship application for 2021. Link to application here!

Our Mission.

The Hidden Dream was built to raise awareness of the countless struggles faced by visa immigrants, share resources, and create a community to uplift documented immigrants who have spent several years in this country without a pathway to citizenship.

Coming Soon!

Mentorship Circle for Immigrant youth

The Hidden Dream will be launching a mentorship program for dependent visa children this upcoming summer! Mentees will be paired with mentors based on common interests such as hobbies and career goals. Through this program, mentees will be able to engage in project-based learning and gain valuable educational and professional skills. Please fill out the appropriate form here if you are interested in participating in this program. 

About Us.

As a team of six Hidden Dreamers, who have gone through the immigration struggle, we created this organization to help others in the same situation.